State Senate Candidates Debate Issues

State Senate candidates, Josh Penry and Dana Barker debated issues today in front of members of the Redlands Rotary Club.
A variety of issues were discussed from energy, education, taxes and transportation.

The two agreed on some topics but there are still several differences, one of the main topics that kept coming up was education and how to properly divide funds.

"My main priority is that we have a lot of money coming in, lets figure out how to get it to the areas of need so we can give more money back to the impacted communities to invest in open space and create a permanent trust fund to fund our schools," says Josh Penry, Grand Junction State Senate Representative.

"Our future depends on higher education, it also depends on k–12 education, so we cant stint them on devoting resources to them," explains Dana Barker, Candidate for Grand Junction State Senate Representative.

Today's debate helped answer many questions to the crowd of nearly 30 at Omar's Catering. Both candidates say they feel the debate went well today.