Moab Skydive Festival Rolls On

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Just about everyone has dreamt of flying through the air and for some that dream came true this week. Hundreds got their chance to fly at Moab's third annual skydiving festival.

It's a walk on the wild side, a test of courage, a daring feat, and it sends you flying through the air at 120 miles per hour.

Sean Depp, first time skydiver, says "The only thing i can image it will feel like is totally disconnected, just like space between you and the winds just gonna be hitting."

The experienced jumpers assure the first timers that taking the jump is the thrill of a lifetime.

"Its hard to explain, its just the coolest thing that has ever existed in my opinion," says Josh Evans, experienced jumper.

Once they're all suited up and prepped on what to do and what not to do, off they go. Some skydivers say that as they walk to towards the plane, fears start building up.

Clint McBeth, Skydive Moab Owner, says "Your mind plays tricks on you, what if this what if that."

Once you enter the plane there is no turning back, and hundreds of people had made the decision to take that leap. Still, some people say they'd rather just keep their feet on the ground.

Spectator, Bill Jioner jokes, "I only have a few years left in me and I want to keep'em."

Those who prefer to feel the dirt at their feet, instead of the wind in their face, say the view from the ground suits them just fine.

One by one the jumpers float safely back to land.
Once Sean Depp lands, he says, "It was great, probably the most fun ever jam packed into a 60 second period, it was incredible."

Many skydivers say that once you take your first flight, you are hooked; and for some there is no end in sight.