Grand Junction Man Sentenced To More Than 30 Years

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Kyle Bang was found guilty on 29 out of 35 charges by a jury in August. During his crime spree, Bang victimized more then 15 people. His crimes include burglarizing several homes, entering into their garages, and stealing everything from vehicles to computers and cell phones.

At his sentencing in court Monday, some of those victims addressed the court to talk about the impact he has had on their life. The four victims who spoke at Monday's sentencing all said that life has changed for them since Kyle Bang violated them and their families.

One man spoke of how his wife and granddaughter now have trouble sleeping at night because Bang entered their residence in the middle of the night. He went on to say they now double-check their doors and windows are locked at night; and that they're not used to living this kind of life here. Other victims expressed the same sentiment, and spoke of the financial and emotional impact Bang has made on their lives.

Bang also addressed the court, apologizing to the victims, but also said that he is not fully responsible for this crime spree and that other people were involved as well.

Before sentencing Bang Judge Diester said that Bang made the decision to commit these crimes, and that it was a business venture for him as a way to deal drugs.

Bang was sentenced to 38 to 44 years in the Department of Corrections. Bang also faces five years of parole, thousands of dollars in fines, and restitution to the victims.