GJ City Council Discusses Possible Ballot Question

Grand Junction City Council Members continued discussions Monday concerning a possible 2007 ballot question that surrounds TABOR and a potential override.

The Taxpayer's Bill of Rights or TABOR, was passed in November of 1992 and created various revenue growth restrictions policies and practices.

Impacts to the City of Grand Junction began in 1998 with a small tax refund and revenue refunds through 2006 have totaled nearly $4M.

However, with the amassed debt of the Riverside Parkway Project, council members may ask voters how the refunds should be spent.

Discussions surrounding the possible ballot question began in a work session in mid July, but the main question surrounds the TABOR refunds and the Riverside Parkway Project.

There are two questions in front of city council members at the moment.

The first asks voters to decide whether the City of Grand Junction should be authorized to retain all excess revenue under TABOR, with all amounts retained to be used specifically towards repaying the Riverside Parkway bonded debt.

The second question is essentially the same, but adds the option for future funds to pay off other voter approved general fund or general government debt.

City financial experts are asking council members to put the second question onto the ballot, saying that the positive impacts to the city would provide an additional 30 to 50 million dollars in capital resources in the next 10 years.