Making Your Vote Count: Meet The Mesa County Assessor Candidates

With the population growing and energy exploration booming in Western Colorado, property values are on the rise. Two candidates for Mesa County Assessor who want to be in charge of overseeing these properties.

The two candidates running for Mesa County Assessor have very different backgrounds. Democrat Paul Brown grew up in Palisade, spent some time in the Air Force, served two terms in the State Legislature in District 55. Republican Barbara Brewer has lived in Grand Junction since 1982 and worked for the County Clerk's office for 21 years and is Mesa County's current Public Trustee. She is also a certified public administrator.

Brewer says a vote for her means you'll get: A certified public administrator. A dedicated public servant with 25 years experience. A record you can trust. She also says she differs from her opponent because, " I have the hands on skills and knowledge to effectively manage the challenges of the Assessors Office.

Brown says if you vote for him you'll get: Fairness, honesty and integrity in property values. He says he's different from Brewer because, " I'm qualified and experienced as an appraiser, Realtor and manager.

The term for Mesa County Assessor is four years. The role of Mesa County Assessor includes locating and identifying the value of all property and maintaining current information on the ownership and characteristics of the property.
they are also in charge of re–appraising property every two years...
from now until election day 11 news will take a look at the important issues you will be deciding