Officer Involved Shooting Trial Continues

A Grand Junction man on trial for supposedly shooting at a police officer in 2005 entered its second day on Tuesday.

Daniel Roy Alexander pleaded not guilty to attempted murder charges stemming from the officer involved shooting that happened back in January of 2005 and with jury selection completed, the prosecution and defense were able to make opening arguments= and hear testimony from witnesses throughout the day.

Two key witnesses gave testimony for the prosecution, including the Grand Junction police officer who shot Alexander.

Officer John Ferguson recounted with great detail the events of January 13, 2005 for the jury, testimony began with jurors hearing the actual dispatch call to Ferguson, which described the situation as a verbal disturbance between two men, one of which was carrying a rifle.

Te officer went on to describe how when he located Alexander on 26th St. and Bellford Ave.

He told him to show his hands, then Alexander reached for and then shouldered his rifle.

Officer Ferguson testified he fired his weapon twice, hitting Alexander, but he does not recall the shot made in his direction.

Jurors also heard from David Martinez, the man who claims Alexander was breaking into his vehicle, adding that the suspect pointed the rifle at Martinez and threatened to shoot.

The defense is claiming that Alexander is mentally ill and the prosecution will continue its case Wednesday morning, with more testimony from another officer who aided Ferguson in arresting Alexander.