Commissioner Shops For Emergency Preparedness

Mesa County Commissioner Craig Meis is taking heed of good advice this morning as he goes shopping to be prepared for any emergency.
As part of National Emergency Preparedness Month the Mesa County Health Department wants to remind everyone that although we live in a pretty safe part of the country, we aren't immune to natural and man–made disasters. They suggest a two–week food supply for each person at a cost of about 50 dollars each, but you don't have make a shopping trip into a major expedition. Health Department spokesperson Kristy Westerman says you can stock up on needed items every time you go shopping.

She advises that you stock plenty of canned foods as well as a gallon of water per person per day, as well as clothing and a safe way to heat water. In addition, she advises that everyone prepare an emergency plan and make sure everyone in the family understands what to do.

For more information call the Mesa County Health Department or go to their web site at