Cedaredge Park Welcomes Applefest

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The Cedaredge Town Park added on another year to a long standing tradition, as the 29th annual Apple Fest Celebration rolled on throughout the weekend.

Hundreds strolled through the fallen autumn leaves with apples
on their mind and in their stomachs. Between the apples, music, vendors and games, the kids were all smiles. Dozens jump started their day by bouncing on a huge bungee trampoline and flying.

Some got their face painted, played on the playground or took part in the kid's only games. Many even got their chance to take a step back in time and make apple cider with an old-time apple press. The kids said that all of the hard cranking and turning of the wheel was worth a sip of fresh apple cider.

Apple farmer, Art Pontow says that when you use this old–fashioned method, the true apple taste is revealed. Pontow says, "People like to see it go from apples to squeezing to juice or cider in minutes and they know its fresh." As he churns out the juice, people line up to get a taste of true apple cider.