Shooting Suspect All But Cleared

Thanks to electronic evidence, charges will most likely not be filed against a man accused of shooting an elderly Grand Junction resident.

Michael Burton of Glenwood Springs was arrested for allegedly shooting 63-year-old Carl Pellham in late August because of a supposed confession he gave the night of the shooting.

However, further investigations have proved that Burton was not in Grand Junction the night Pellham was shot and now, Burton's family is asking for his name to be cleared.

Burton was arrested as the result of a woman who claimed the suspect confessed that he had shot Pellham that night, but as it turns out, according to police, the woman is actually Pellham's sister and the details of the shooting actually came from the victim.

Upon hearing of the alleged confession, police did have probable cause to arrest Burton, but as the investigation went on, cell phone and debit card records proved that Burton was in Glenwood Springs the night Pellham was shot.

He was facing several charges in regards to the crime, including attempted murder and second degree assault on an at-risk adult, however, on Wednesday, the Mesa County District Attorney's Office will decide whether to file charges or not.

But while the feeling is that a case against Burton is a dead end, his family wants his innocence to be fortified.