New School Lacking School Zone

Even though school has been in session for about a month and a half now, so far no school zones have been set up around the new Pear Park Elementary School.

On any given weekday 75 to 100 students can be found walking to and from Pear Park Elementary. That of course means they are crossing streets. But who is responsible for 30 1/4 Road and D 1/2 Road where the school sits? According to Tom Fisher, the Director of the Regional Transportation Planning Department for the County, "It's complicated, but the city does have jurisdiction over all of the school's access roads." Basically the county is responsible for part of D1/2 Road almost exactly up to the point of the bus entrance, which for now is the only point of access to the school because the school's main entrance off of 30 1/4 Road is still under construction by the city.

Some parents say with all the construction signs up it's hard to tell there's a school in the area and that worries them. Even though the county is responsible for only part of D 1/2 they've ordered yellow flashing lights to alert motorists. However according to Fisher, the city will be installing them, and taking care of them. They hope to have the lights installed within the next four to six weeks.

The city would have liked to have the school's main entrance complete by now but says it took so long because much of the underground utilities had to be replaced or improved. But despite construction, many parents argue that a school zone should have been in place long before the school opened. City officials say the school zone will be in place as soon as possible.

Until construction on the school's main entrance is complete, the district says they will continue to bus would-be walkers to school and provide contract crossing guards