Serial Bomber Excepts Plea Agreement

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The proposed sentencing for Robert Burk is drawing criticism from a victim this evening.

Burke won't receive his actual sentence until February, but this morning he did accept a plea agreement which would send him to federal prison for 10 years.

Burke pled guilty to one charge of possession of an unregistered explosive device. Back on March 24th of this year Burke planted five explosive devices around Grand Junction, all five were at the homes of employees of the F.A.A and Serco in Mesa County. Three of the five bombs did actually go off causing property damage. One of the bombs was detonated at the home of an air traffic controller while he and his family were sleeping. We spoke with them earlier today to talk about Burke's plea, and they say the time he is facing is not nearly enough.

Nan Smith, victim of bombing, says, "He tried to kill 6 people in this house alone at 4:30 in the morning and I feel that the Federal Prosecutors let us down."

"In ten years Bob will focus on us and try to finish what he started," says Richard Smith, bombing victim.

In addition to the bombings here in Grand Junction, two more devices that resembled the other five were also found in other states.
One was on the roof of the Serco headquarters in Tennessee, which did not go off.
The other was detonated on the porch of a private resident in Kansas in late February. Burke did admit to planting all seven devices.
Authorities believe Burke's actions were related to him being fired earlier in the year from Serco.

The sentencing date for this case is February 2nd of next year.