NRA Endorses Congressman Salazar

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The National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund formally announces its endorsement for Congressman John Salazar.

NRA Chairman, Chris Cox, made the announcement Saturday at a 2nd Amendment rally in Clifton, with John Salazar by his side. The NRA said they are endorsing Salazar for re – election because of his strong stance on protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights.

Salazar, an avid hunter himself, said that it is important to honor our western heritage here in Colorado and protect our 2nd Amendment Right because it's one of the things that make our country so great. Saturday's rally was attended not only by supporters of Salazar, but also some NRA members who disagree with the group's decision to endorse Salazar. These members felt the endorsement should have gone to Salazar's opponent, Scott Tipton instead. The NRA stands by their endorsement, saying that their organization doesn't discriminate by party.