Missing Hunter Finds His Way Back

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After missing for more than 12 hours a top the Grand Mesa, a 27 year old hunter from Oklahoma found his way back to base camp where searchers are waiting.

ATV and ground crews with the Mesa County Sheriff's Office and Search and Rescue started the search for the hunter Saturday night. Members of his hunting group called authorities when he didn't return to their meeting place yesterday afternoon. The hunter had left his survival pack and GPS system at the groups base camp when he got lost. Authorities also weren't sure if the hunter had any matches on him or anything to keep him warm during the night, as temperatures dipped down to 33 degrees in the area early Sunday morning.

Sunday, two ground teams and three ATV teams set up a perimeter to systematically search for the hunter, but it wasn't the search crews that found the hunter. Shortly after 2 p m on Sunday, the man found his way back to base camp - where members of his party remained in hopes he would show up. According to the Mesa County Sheriff's Office, the hunter is fine and suffered no injuries during the ordeal.