Inflation Hurting City Construction Projects

Many future capital improvement projects are planned for the City of Grand Junction, however, the challenge of inflation is pushing many projects back and in some cases, as far as a decade.

There are three projects that have been budgeted and will go forward as planned and on Monday, public works and other departments addressed city council members to better explain what the financial challenges are and how they're being dealt with.

The three projects which are going forward are and the first is no surprise, the Riverside Parkway.

The second is a $12M storm drain project dubbed the big pipe and the via duct project at 29 Road and the I–70 business loop, which is in conjunction with Mesa County will also be built as planned.

But with inflation driving costs up as much as 16 percent in some cases, smaller projects to either rebuild, repave or add capacity to roadways, including G Road have been put on hold and pushed several years and despite a rise in sales tax revenue, it's simply not enough.

Talks once again about a TABOR override have surfaced to help pay off the Riverside Parkway debt, but the city does have a 10 year plan to try and get a better grasp of where the priorities lie and officials insist that those projects and roadways in need will not be neglected.