Xcel Proposes Rate Decrease

Xcel Energy announces customers may save as much as $44 this November compared to last.

After last year's substantial increases, the price you pay to heat your home is going down, this is if Xcel Energy's proposed rate decrease is accepted.

A typical residential bill for the month of October is about $39.39.
However as customers enter into November they usually increase their natural gas consumption by 83 % bringing the average bill up to $81.47.
It seems high, but bills this November are actually 35 % lower than last year.

Small businesses are expected to use 100 % more natural gas in November but will still pay about $200.

Xcel Energy says the change proposed reflects anticipated natural gas prices and impact on customer bills only for the month of November.

If the Colorado Public Utilities Commission approves Xcels proposal the new prices will take effect November first.