Buescher Rails Against Distortion Of His Voting Record

Representative Bernie Buescher says that a mass–mailing to Mesa County residents earlier this week is distasteful and once again distorts his record.

The four fliers say the incumbent state Representative voted to create "Vermont–style" civil unions for same–sex couples similar to referendum I. Buescher says he voted against that bill and brought his record to prove so.

Another flier says he voted in favor of partial–birth abortions. He says he does not support that, nor does he support abortions without parental notification. He adds that these abortion issues have never come before the legislature for his vote.

Buescher assailed the Trailhead Group behind the fliers, saying that they want Buescher out of Denver and off the Joint Budget Committee where, he says, "he is able to defend the water rights of the Western Slope and bring prosperity to Mesa County."

The Trailhead Group is a so–called "527" group created by Governor Owens that is not affiliated with a candidate. The groups has been criticized by a number of Democratic candidates around the state for alleged false claims about candidate's records and positions.

Buescher's opponent Bob Caskey says he supports the Trailhead Group's attacks against Buescher.