Adventurer Honored For His Achievements

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They call him the real Indiana Jones, and he's being honored for doing what he does best - going on different adventures around the world.

The Boy Scouts of the Western Slope are awarding John Goddard the first ever Peak Vision award for his courageous and challenging travels. Goddard, an Eagle Scout himself, made a list of goals to accomplish - and he's completed just about all of them. Some of which include being the first man to explore the whole length of the Nile River, climb several peaks including the Matterhorn and Mt. Fiji, and flying more than 47 different types of aircraft. But he says other than driving in LA traffic yesterday, his travels on the Nile and Congo rivers were the most dangerous.

Goddard says he still plans on completing his list of goals, and hopes that his next adventure will take him to the Kimoto Islands.