Hunting Season Is Underway

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Colorado's second rifle season is now underway. There are expected to be nearly one hundred thousand hunters around the Grand Valley. If you are planning outdoor activities, there are some important things to keep in mind.

With the increase in hunters and decrease in temperature, comes a stronger need to aim for safety.

Randy Hampton, Spokesman for the Colorado Department of Wildlife says, "It can go from sunny day to freezing or below freezing. It can be windy, rainy or snowy; so you need to be prepared."

To do this there are a few things you need to bring and do before heading out.

Hampton suggests letting people know where you are and stay in that area.

Wildlife workers also recommend preparing for the chance that you could get lost, by bringing food, water, matches and a global positioning system.

Officials say that its not just hunters that need to be careful. Anyone who will enjoying the outdoors, needs to wear some sort of safety gear.

Matt Katsen, Archery Manager at Sportsman's Warehouse says,
"You've gotta wear orange vest or hat to break up your outline so you are not brown like the animal, some people don't look before they shoot, they just fire."

Random fire isn't the only thing to watch out for. The hunting season and cold weather's arrival also leads to animals on the road and more potential of an incident with wildlife, according to Hampton.

With the mixture of freezing temperatures and rampant gun fire, officials say more animals are trying to escape to a more secure areas and they may end up right here in town. So to steer clear of danger, lighten up on the gas peddle.

Currently there are four search and rescue efforts underway for hunters who have been reported missing in Garfield County in the last 24 hours.