Walgreen's Flu Shot Clinic Popular

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With the start of the flu season right around the corner, several Grand Valley residents are taking preventative measures against the illness.

Everyone who showed up for the Walgreen's annual flu clinic came for one simple reason - to get a flu shot. Up until last year, Angelo Murray said he didn't think he needed a flu shot until a bout with pneumonia landed him in the hospital.

The Center for Disease Control recommends that people over the age of 50 and those at risk of developing complications from the flu, to get vaccinated. But at the clinic, the general consensus was everyone should get inoculated.

This year, there were concerns of a flu shot shortage when the Mesa County Health Department had to cancel two of its clinics. But Walgreen's says it hasn't been an issue for them because their company orders the vaccines.The flu shots come cheap at just 25 dollars a pop, and for some their even free because insurance companies cover the costs.

It is not to late to get a flu shot, next Saturday the Clifton Walgreen's will be holding flu shot clinic. Throughout the year, Walgreen's pharmacists will vaccinate on an appointment basis.