Prescription: Take Time for You

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Do you find you've had memory loss, high blood pressure, or just plain mental fatigue? It could be that you have a case of being spread too thin.

And some doctors say the one cure is to just take a little more time for you.

"Spreading yourself too thin is basically not ever having any downtime," Says Dr. Scott Rollins, from the Integrative Medical Center of Western Colorado. He says he’s got a lot on his plate, and women, in particular, tend to fall victim to this ailment. "I think women feel a real need for trying to do a lot at once these days."

To test this theory, 11 News caught up with one of the busiest women at the station, News Director, Amanda Wagner. At KKCO, she does everything from writing, to producing, to hiring, to anchoring.

"I think most people would probably call me a workaholic, be it good or bad,” says Amanda. “Ever since I was really young, I’ve always had a job, I’ve always worked. It’s always been a priority in my life.”

But while work is important, as Amanda notices, spreading yourself too thin can get exhausting. Rollins says it can end up having an effect on your health. In the short term, it can cause memory loss, sleep disturbances, and mental fatigue.

"In the long run, these symptoms, if you will, can lead to diseases, like heart disease or diabetes," says Rollins.

Amanda says that, even at her young age, she started noticing some of those prelimnary symptoms.
"Some days, at the end of the day, I say wow, I did too much today.”

So, what’s the cure for a case of giving too much of your time to work, family or friends?

“One of the secrets, I think, is finding balance daily,” says Rollins. “Don’t save up for the weekend. Sneak in a little balance every day.”

Rollins suggests simple things, such as yoga in the morning, walking at lunch, or having a regular hobby or group to participate in.

This scheduled down time is something that, on her own, Amanda discovered she needed to add to her list of things to do.

“I actually schedule some time for myself,” says Amanda, “Whether it’s after work on a Wednesady, or on a Saturday afternoon. I literally schedule that time for myself so I don’t have an excuse to say, ‘Oh, I don’t have time to.’”

And if your family and friends give you a hard time when you say you need an hour to yourself? Just tell them… doctor’s orders.

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