Grand Valley State Parks Dedicated Today in Memory of James Robb

With the pulling of ropes, signs are unveiled offering public recognition of the James M. Robb Colorado River State Park in Fruita. First, a group assembles on the interstate to dedicate a sign for travelers. Later another sign at the park entrance is revealed.

The park is one of five to bear the name of Robb, a leader who was a state legislator, judge, and State Parks board member, but most of all says his wife...a visionary.

Maggie Robb says when they moved from New Jersey to the Grand Valley, he became determined to keep the Colorado River corridor from declining into the polluted rivers of his home state. As a result, he became an early member of the Riverfront Commission that is developing a trails system along the riverbanks.

Robb passed away in early 2005. In October of last year, the State Parks Board named the five state park and wildlife areas in the Grand Valley after him.