Man Arrested In Court For Kidnapping

A Grand Valley man was arrested at the Mesa County Justice Center..
after kidnapping his girlfriend, then showing up for a court appearance.

The suspect was due in court for a probation revocation hearing, but is now facing first-degree kidnapping charges.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office was contacted by a third party around 1:00 p.m. Monday afternoon, saying that the suspect, 23-year-old Joshua Dooly, was scheduled to be in court at 1:30 p.m., but had apparently approached and kidnapped his girlfriend at the Clifton City Market before hand.

Dooly took his girlfriend, destroyed her cell phone, but then dropped her at her residence before going to court.

The suspect was taken into custody at the Mesa County Justice Center, his vehicle was also impounded and will face new felony charges of first-degree kidnapping.

Authorities add that Dooly has two prior harassment charges on his record.