Write-In Candidate For Montrose Sheriff Confident Of Win

Decision 2006

He admits that not having his name on the ballot is a disadvantage,
but write–in candidate for Montrose County Sheriff Robert Walraven has something other candidates do not- an endorsement from incumbent sheriff Warren Waterman.

Walraven currently works as an Investigator for Telluride Mountain Village, which he says makes him the only full–time law enforcement employee of the three people running for the seat.

Walraven-an 8–year veteran of the Montrose Sheriff's Office before moving to Telluride-says he will make protecting the children of Montrose County a top priority. He also says being accessible to the citizens is important, and will schedule regular meetings with citizens to get their input. He will also keep his office door open to all.

He believes his campaign is picking up as his name recognition increases. He is running against republican Rick Dunlap and democrat Andrew Major.