State Trooper's Family Speaks

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The State Trooper that was shot three times earlier this week is still recovering tonight at St. Mary's Hospital. His family and colleagues gathered today for a press conference to talk about his condition.

Support, encouragement, and determination have carried State Trooper Brian Koch and his family through the past few days.

Nicole Koch, Brian's wife, says, "Brian and I want to show our appreciation to all of the law enforcement that has pulled together."

Koch's wife of ten years says it has been amazing to have so much support from the entire community.

Nicole Koch says, "It makes a tragedy like this much easier to handle."

Although Koch took three shots, two of them struck his bullet proof vest and the other hit his arm. His family and friends say things definitely could have been worse.

"We are happy that law enforcement didn't suffer a lose and that this family is still intact," says Captain Brian Wheeler, with the Fruita Troop Office.

Trooper Koch is doing well after having surgery on his left wrist and officials say that his road to recovery will be a long one.

" People think of arm injuries as minor, but any time you are dealing with a gun shot wound, it is serious," explains Wheeler.

There is talk that he may need additional surgeries, but right now his main concern is getting better fast because he is eager to get back to work. His daughter just wants her dad back at home.

"Our daughter is looking forward to going ice fishing and we are thankful that he will be able to do that," says Brian's wife.

As the entire law enforcement community stands behind him and works hard to bring this case to an end, Koch's loved ones feel a sense of relief knowing that the man who committed this crime can't hurt anyone else. Yet, law enforcement officers say they have mixed feelings about the way the incident unraveled.

"Its bittersweet, it brings closer because he can't commit more crimes, but there's such satisfaction in seeing someone go to jail," says Wheeler.

This case is still under a multi–agency investigation, including State, Federal, and Local law enforcement agencies.