NEW: Father of Paige Birgfeld asks FBI to look into investigation

The father of Paige Birgfeld says he's asked the FBI's Public Corruption Unit to look into the Mesa County Sheriff's Department's investigation of money he says is missing from the case's evidence after his daughter's home was searched.

Frank Birgfeld sent Sheriff Stan Hilkey a letter dated May 11 notifying him of his request to have the FBI look into his department's investigation. In the letter (click the link below to read the original letter), Birgfeld says a "48 Hours" report cited a "contact close to the investigation" who told them "that investigators discovered a large amount of cash in Paige's home - tens of thousands of dollars..."

Birgfeld says he's asked the Sheriff about the cash and was told in a letter from Hilkey that, according to Birgfeld's latest letter, "no money was taken of such amounts during the investigation by reason that, if that had occurred, established procedures required the officer to complete and internal form." Hilkey told Birgfeld he reviewed the paperwork from the investigation and "there is no money listed as seized."

Birgfeld's letter quotes Hilkey's letter "after the June 10th, 2008 airing of "48 Hours", we were surprised by the comment that investigators found cash in Paige's home as well and do not know the source of the comment". In the letter Birgfeld cites, Hilkey also wrote, "accountability of the media for their accuracy is a difficult task."

Birgfeld has also asked that the investigation into Paige's case be transferred to the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. He says he feels the FBI's Public Corruption Unit's involvement in the case could jeopardize the investigation and a successful prosecution.

The Sheriff's Department publicly announced a single suspect in the June 28, 2007 disappearance and suspected murder of 34-year-old Paige Birgfeld. No charges were ever filed.

Birgfeld has also asked Colorado Attorney General John Suthers to appoint a Special Master to secure the evidence of his daughter's homicide investigation. To read that letter, click the link below.

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