NEW: Sheriff Stan Hilkey issues response to Birgfeld letter

Mesa County Sheriff Stan Hilkey has just issued a response to a letter sent him by Frank Birgfeld, father of missing Grand Junction woman Paige Birgfeld, regarding his daughter's case.

Hilkey says he welcomes and encourages an investigation by the FBI's Public Corruption Unit and says he will make all employees, evidence and other aspects of the case available to FBI investigators. He says he hasn't been informed as to whether or not that investigation will take place.

He also says he's treating Birgfeld's 'order' as a 'request' and will confer with the CBI to determine if further assistance from them would be useful or needed in the case. The CBI has already been involved, mainly with forensic analysis.

Birgfeld has sought the assistance of the Colorado Attorney General's office and asked for someone to protect the files and evidence in the case because of his concern of vengeance or retribution for his complaints against the Sheriff's Department. Hilkey says "Mr. Birgfeld's concerns amount to further allegations of corruption that does not exist in the MCSO." He says if the Attorney General's office has the resources to handle Birgfeld's complaint his office would "welcome the resource in order to calm Mr. Birgfeld's unfounded fears."

Hilkey says, "It is unfortunate that Mr. Birgfeld has chosen to make unfounded allegations, however, it does not dissuade this Office from its commitment or desire to successfully resolve the Paige Birgfeld case, no will his complaints ever cause any lapse in professional ethics or integrity by any member of this agency."

To read the full letter, click the link below.

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