Jaboa Artists Hold Open House

Some local artist who have banded together to form Jaboa, which stands for just a bunch of artists, welcomed Grand Valley residents into their homes today to showcase their art work.

It's Jaboa's 12th annual studio tour and spectators were able to visit six different studios and see lots of art mediums; including water colors, crystalline glazed porcelain pottery, and acrylics.

"Everything you do in art is a growth process, just like why I started Jaboa, so artists could share with each other what their doing. With the open studio you get to see how people think what you're doing and that enlarges your perspective about what you want to do," explains Piera Killanxhja, Jaboa artist.

This Wednesday, Jaboa's artist's work will be on display at Alpine Bank for their third annual show which will run through the month of November.