Case Against Miriam Helmick: Judge Rules Sufficient Evidence to Move Forward

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A judge has ruled there is enough evidence to move forward with all fourteen charges against a Whitewater woman accused of murdering her husband.

51–year–old Miriam Helmick is facing 14 counts including murder, attempted murder and forgery in the death of her husband Alan Helmick.

During a preliminary hearing Friday, prosecutors presented evidence never before released including information.

The District Attorney's Office called witnesses and presented photos, financial statements and CBI and the evidence proved enough to make the charges stick.

The defense cross examined the witnesses but did not reveal any of their arguments.

Prosecutors say the burden was on them to present evidence during the preliminary hearing.

"It's really a kind of one sided show where the prosecution has the burden of making a standard and that's what the judge will rule on is whether we have put on sufficient evidence for the case to go to a jury trial," Assistant District Attorney Rich Tuttle told 11 News outisde the courtroom on Friday.

Through testimony with lead investigators on the case, we got a glimpse at some new information.

One investigator testified about Alan Helmick's autopsy report. He said that report showed Helmick was killed by a gunshot wound to the head and he died between 3:15am and 12:15pm--something both sides say could be a key point of argument in building a time line in the case.

Investigators also testified that they tested for gunshot residue on Miriam and her car. They told the court CBI reports showed there was no residue on Miriam and there was one particle on the steering wheel in her car.

Another piece of new information--Mesa County investigators revealed there was one other suspect, an acquaintance of Miriam Helmick's who lives in Boulder but they did not name that second person in question and investigators told the judge that person was cleared by an alibi.

The next major step in the case is for Miriam Helmick to enter a plea. The arraignment is set for June 23 at 8:15am--until then she remains in jail on a $2 million.

If you'd like to watch the Dateline special on the Helmick case it's airing this Sunday night at 6:00 right here on 11 News.

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