Family Health Month

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Governor Bill Owens proclaimed this month Family Health Month and
many families are finding there are benefits to having one physician for each member of the family.

Brittany Trujillo is already a mother to 16 month old Haley, and now she's expecting a son. Family physician Amy Bratelli delivered Haley and will also be delivering baby number two. When Britney first got pregnant she changed doctors so she could have an OBGYN Doctor and then she found out that doctor was also pediatrician. So, after she delivered Britney's first baby, then she was the baby's pediatrician.

That's one of the advantages to a Family Practice, it's kind of a one stop shop. The practice has training in a wide variety of areas and takes on all ages from birth to as old as they get.

Yvonne is Brittany's grandmother, and she's not just on the side for support, she too is a patient of Dr. Bratteli's and says there are many benefits to having the same doctor. For one, she knows the family's health history first hand.

Dr. Bratteli practices with Family Physicians of Western Colorado, a department of Primary Care Partners.. She serves anywhere from 800 to 900 families. In today's medical world of specialties and specialists, family physicians say they are the specialists in family medicine and can provide care for 95 percent of all that ails you. As for that other 5%, if a specialist is needed they can refer one, help you translate test results and keep you posted.

Nearly 1 in 4 of all medical office visits are made to family physicians annually.