Montrose Police Close In On Homicide Suspects

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The Montrose Police Department is closing in on the people they think are responsible for a homicide on Saturday Night.

The 25 year old Hispanic male was shot outside a bar in Montrose. Authorities said they are closing in on the suspects involved and do have a description of one of the men.

The Colorado Bureau of Investigation has been assisting the Montrose Police Department with the crime scene and interviewing. Police said because there were more than one hundred people inside the Costa Allegre Bar, they are being meticulous about the investigation. Although police have some suspect information, they still don't know the reason for the shooting.

Although no arrests have been made, police have a description of one of the suspects. A Hispanic male who is five foot seven inches, with a shaved head and slight build. Police also ask that if you have any information regarding Saturday's homicide, to call 252 - 2500.