Buescher, Caskey Clash In Debate

Bob Caskey waved papers and talked about his opponent's record as Bernie Buescher reaffirmed his job representing Mesa County during a debate at the Grand Junction Lions Club today.

The latest debate was fiery as Caskey accused Buescher of voting to give a sex change operation to a prison inmate who wanted to be in women's prison. Buescher says the vote never came up, and that the issue-brought to a head in a campaign advertisement from a 527 group-is a matter brought up in the legislature specifically to create issues in fall election campaigns.

The issue originally came up as part of a law suit an inmate filed that said such an operation was constitutionally guaranteed. The disputed vote was part of the so-called "long bill," one hundreds of pages long that funds most state agencies. Buescher was one of many in the House who approved the bill as part of the funding mechanism for State agencies. 

Governor Bill Owens used a line-item veto to later cancel that part of the long bill.