"SUPERMAX" Prison Understaffed, Underfunded Says Lawmaker

One prison seeing intense scrutiny today is Colorado's Federal "Supermax prison." In recent days both Colorado Senators have made visits to the facility in light of recent problems with the jail, which holds the nation's most dangerous felons.

Recent studies show the prison is understaffed and underfunded,
and showed only two percent of the outgoing mail is screened, some of it attempting to recruit terrorists.

The facility is located in State Representative Buffie McFayden's district. She says in the event of an emergency the first responders would be the local volunteer fire department, and communications between the Prison and other emergency authorities is impossible due to incompatible radio frequencies. She also says there is no secure airspace over the facility, which could allow attack on the facility by helicopter or a breach of the walls by aircraft. McFayden says there are also not enough perimeter walls and fencing to prevent escapes.

McFayden is urging Senators Allard and Salazar to ensure additional funding for the prison through the Department of Homeland Security.

The "Supermax" prison houses so–called shoe–bomber Richard Reid, "unabomber" Ted Kaczinski and two convicted World Trade Center bombers and many more of the most dangerous felons in the United States.