Remains Remain A Mystery

Authorities say the public may hold the key when it comes to identifying a human skull found atop the Grand Mesa more than two weeks ago.

The Mesa County Sheriff and Coroner's Office held a press conference to share what little information is known about the skull. According to County Coroner Rob Kurtzman, the skull's estimated age is early 20's to mid 40's and it's gender is not known. It may have been on the mesa anywhere from 18 months to three decades, but most likely for about five years. The cause of death is also a question that remains to be answered. Some information authorities do have is that the person had filings. Kurtzman says this indicates the person has been to dentist which means dental records may be used to compare with missing person's reports and help identify the person.

The Mesa County Sheriff's Office is going through its missing person's reports and have compiled an information sheet for those with information to fill-out so they can narrow the field down.

If you have information about a missing person and think this could be them you're asked to call the Mesa County Sheriff's Office at 244–3266 or contact the Coroner at 256–6463. You can also pick up an information sheet at both locations.

Authorities say they may return to the Mesa this spring to search for more clues.