Citizens Oppose Development Growth

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A developer who has big plans for an area of the Redlands is getting lots of opposition from some residents.

After receiving a letter in the mail that a developer had a plan that would bring more than 800 homes in his neighborhood, Steve Voytilla took action. He along with some other concerned citizens mailed more then four thousand mailers and fliers to let people know about a proposed development site. That site would include a proposed 835 homes to be built on 208 acres on the Redlands, 80 of those acres are owned by the City of Grand Junction. The plan deviates from the current Future Growth Plan zoning of RSF - E that allows one home per two to five acres.

In addition to the new homes, the developer plans on adding a 9 hole golf facility at the Tiara Rado Golf Course to the city - free of charge.

One thing most agree on is that growth is inevitable, they just want the developer to play by the rules.

The City of Grand Junction was not invited to the meeting, but officials said it is great to see neighborhood citizens so involved in the issues; and they offer to help and assist them though the process.