Young Girls Run First 5k

It was a day to show off months of hard work, as nearly two hundred and fifty young girls from the girls on the run organization laced up their shoes and completed a 5k run.

The girls were joined by about two hundred other runners and walkers to take part in the Harbert Lumber Fall Run. The run is to help support the Girls On The Run program. All of the girls prepared for today's run for about nine weeks, and for many, this was there first 5k run ever.

"Not only training but also learning about healthy habits, healthy eating, saying no to drugs and alcohol. It's really about boosting the girls self esteem and it culminates with this five k," says Jill Henwood, Executive Director of Girls on The Run.

This program is for girls in third to sixth grade, which organizers say is the perfect age to start teaching children about adopting a healthy life style.