Wanted Man Accidentally Shoots Himself

New details are released in the case of a young man who accidentally fired a handgun in a residential neighborhood Friday night.

22 year old Daniel McKay allegedly assaulted two people and then accidentally shot himself in the thigh.

McKay, who had an outstanding misdemeanor warrant from the Grand Junction Police Department, went to his ex–girlfriend's home last night for a party. McKay was given permission to enter the home as long as he didn't cause a scene.

But that proved not to be the case. According to authorities, McKay physically assaulted his ex–girlfriend, Ashley Johnson, and her new boyfriend, Michael Stevens. McKay was asked to leave the house and then made his way to another residence on the same block, where he was caught peeking inside the bedroom window of a home.

The resident of that home, John Widdop, chased McKay down the street and, according to police, saw the suspect running with a hand gun. Widdop told authorities that he heard a gun shot and saw McKay stumble.

McKay was arrested by police and taken to St. Mary's Hospital where he was treated for a gun shout wound in his right thigh. He was later released to authorities and booked into the Mesa County Jail.

He faces numerous charges, including prohibited use of a weapon, 3rd degree assault, and 3rd degree criminal trespass.