Teams Hoop it up for Alex Bennett

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Alex Bennett, a former Grand Junction High School student, was killed by a drunk driver three years ago.

"He thought of himself as a basketball player and so when we tried to think of a way to remember him, a basketball tournament came to mind," says Bruce Bennett, Alex's father.

So that's just what Alex's parents did. They organized the annual Alex Bennett 3–on–3 basketball tournament, which raises money for college scholarships.

"It's a great way to keep his memory alive and all that he stood for and his love for basketball," explains Bjorn Irion, Alex's friend.

The tournament has been going on for three years now and its getting huge. The first year there were forty three teams and now there are sixty five.

Alex's friends and family members took part in the day long competition, but there were also a lot of participants that didn't know him that just wanted to contribute. Joining in the fun was 11 News's own Glen Mills, Chris Miller, Mike Defina and Sam Farnsworth, but how well did they actually play?

"In our last game we played the guys from 11 News and they put up a hard fight but it wasn't good enough and we pretty much smoked 'em," laughed Luke Ennis, tournament player.

One team was sure that this wasn't going to happen to them, as they had a strong message for all of there opponents, that they were going to win it all.

Alex's dad had his own message for everyone as well, as he thinks back to the tragic loss of his young son, he says he doesn't want to see anyone else have to go through what he's been through.

Bennett says, "I want people to know if it can happen to Alex, it can happen to anybody so please be careful out there."

For more information on the Alex Bennett Scholarship Fund and how you can donate visit our web site at and click on sports.