Grand Valley Power Student of the Week

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This week's Grand Valley Power Student plans to follow the musical path that his family has started for him.

Central High School Senior Brett Traub looks for inspiration from his big brother and his parents. Both his mom and dad played music when they were young and his brother was in the high school band. Once he heard them play, he knew that's what he wanted to do. Teachers say he has a natural talent to be in harmony.

"I'd say he is a prodigy and I don't use that word lightly. He has a natural talent for music, which is something I have seen before, but paired with his work ethic it's like nothing I have ever seen. So, with both of those traits, that makes him a very unique student," says Paul Traugott, Central High School Band Director.

Brett plans to attend the Colorado University next fall to study musical performance and aerospace engineering. While he isn't sure what career path he will take, Brett says he will definitely carry his family's love of music into the future.