History in Danger of Destruction

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Some call it history while others say it is a huge liability for the city of Fruita. Now, as the old Fruita Bridge is threatened by demolition many are fighting to keep it standing.

The bridge has a lot of historical value, it was built back in 1907 and it played a important role in the development of the lower valley. It was built so farmers could transport crops to the other side of the river.

As with all things, without maintenance for nearly forty years, the bridge has severely deteriorated leaving it to the point that it's now just barely standing. This is why the previous Fruita City Council decided to tear the bridge down, but the new council disagrees. They say the bridge can and should be saved.

In order for the bridge to be repaired and up to standard, it will cost five and a half million dollars. So far, several nation wide historical groups have shown interest in supporting the bridge, but if the complete amount is not met it will become an issue of whether the bridge should be torn down or if city money should be used to reconstruct it.