Investigations Continue in Montrose Homicide

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An autopsy of the body discovered near the Montrose County Landfill was performed today, and the case is now officially classified as a homicide.

Montrose County Coroner, Mark Young performed the autopsy on Friday and he says the man who was in his thirties or forties was brutally murdered within the last week. Young says the body was completely burnt with the help of an accelerator and then dumped at the location less then 24 hours before the discovery.

Due to the body's condition, it is making it difficult to identify the body so officials are looking to additional sources.

Young says, " We will be looking at all missing persons lists from the past week in that area to see if we can identify the body, but as of now we do not have the identity of the deceased."

The Sheriff's Department and the Colorado Bureau of Investigation have finished up their investigation of the scene and now they plan to move forward with interviews and a complete review of the autopsy results.

Young says they are still hoping to match finger prints and dental records with the body, but they don't expect to have a name for a few days.