Past and Present Members of Armed Forces are Honored

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It's a day to remember those who have fought and those that are still fighting for our country's freedom. For many, veterans and current soldiers the decision to fight and protect was an easy one.

Flags stand tall all around the nation to signify our nations freedom that millions have fought so hard for. Members of the armed forces have dedicated days, months, years, and their lives to fighting and protecting our country. So, on Veterans Day we take the time to honor the fallen, the fighting, and those who have returned home safely.

Many past and present members of the Armed Forces say deciding to fight for freedom was easy.

"I wanted to continue my family's tradition and hopefully it will keep going on from me," says Justin Yates, Army Veteran.

That doesn't mean that the thoughts and fears of never seeing their loved ones again, is free from their minds.

Yates says, "You always have to thought in your mind of are you going to come back or did you tell your parents the right things last time you talked to them? Did you tell them that you loved them? You never know if your gonna come back or not."
Yet, those who have given their heart and soul to the Untied States say a little fear wont stop them from fighting for the country they love. As they say each day they spend in fatigues, is an honor.

"It feels great that I got to fight in Iraq and serve my country," says Yates.

So take the time to remember and thank the soldiers of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.