Authorities Continue To Investigate Shooting

Authorities are not releasing the identity of the man who was shot Monday on Glade Park after a short pursuit through the Colorado National Monument, but they have a good idea of who it is.

Officials are releasing few details surrounding the officer involved shooting, but we now know the suspect was pulled over because the allegedly stolen red Acura he was driving had no plates. We also know he was acting suspicious and refused to show the responding police officer his hands; prompting the officer to call for back–up. When officers saw he had a gun, they drew their weapons and ordered him put his gun down and show his hands. The suspect did not cooperate and fled the scene.

The Grand Junction Police Department has a very strict pursuit policy, usually when there is a threat of lethal force they pursue. However according to a spokesperson, everything transpired so quickly they didn't have time to.

After attempting to steal a car in Glade Park and firing a shot off near a residence, deputies pursued the suspect through the National Monument where he crashed into a road block. A brief standoff ensued before gun fire was apparently exchanged and the man was taken to the hospital with multiple gun shot wounds.

But who is this man who eluded officers for three hours? Authorities have a pretty good idea but wanted to be 100% sure before they release his name. But if it is who they think it is; they say he has an extensive criminal past which includes robbery and burglary.

As to who fired the first shot, how many shots were actually fired and if there was any wrong doing on law enforcement's part; The 21st Judicial District Critical Incident Team will decide. The team will also decide the charges the suspect will face.

So far no one involved has been put on administrative leave.