Accident Victim Thanks Rescuers

In July an 11-year-old Orchard Mesa girl was nearly killed after a go-kart accident and it was the coordinated efforts of emergency workers that saved Victoria Stahly's life.

While still recovering, Stahly dropped by the Central Orchard Mesa Fire Department Tuesday night to thank her heroes.

When emergency crews arrived in July following the accident, the 11-year-old was critically injured and near death and after emergency surgery to remove a blood clot in her brain.

Doctors were not sure if she would be able to walk or talk again, but thanks to quick work by EMS workers, Stahly is doing both and is on a fast track to recovery.

Along with of course cake an ice cream, Stahly was given a first class tour of the fire house and along with the bond she now shares with the men and women who saved her life, it was her spirits that EMS workers say makes their job well worth it.

Victoria's parents say the 11-year-old still has a way to go, as short term memory is still an issue, but they are hopeful she will be able to return to school next year.