Special Report Part III: Future Projects

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Even though it is only 2006 the City of Grand Junction's traffic department is looking far into the future to make sure that congestion is kept to a minimum on roadways.

What will Grand Junction look like in the year 2030, just ask traffic engineers. Right now, the city is traffic department is operating under the 2030 plan. Every five years, planners look at traffic models, and planners look into the future and examine the population and employment in various areas around the city. That information is loaded into the model and put into the roadway network engineers can see where potential problems might crop up.

The Colorado Department of Transportation is currently doing an environmental analysis on I70 B from 24 Road to 15Th Street, an area that was identified through the 2030 planning process. CDOT has some funds budgeted in the next couple of years for the Business Loop.

Planners also anticipate some tie ups once the Riverside Parkway Project is complete. Riverside Parkway crosses Highway 50 at 5th Street and what started to pop up in the 2030 model is we are probably going to see congestion on 5th street south of the river bridge.

But some drivers say regardless of the future, more traffic means less in your wallet. "it takes more gas and more money." And some say, the quiet surroundings they moved here to enjoy are no longer the same. "I moved here for the small town feel, then I found my self sitting in traffic, i just want to move away now, it was never like this before."

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