Grand Valley Power Student of the Week

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Athletics, academics, art, and spirit. This week's Grand Valley Power Student of the Week does it all.

Grand Junction High School Senior, A.J. Bush is in several school and community activities including swim, orchestra, Celtic dancing, National Honors Society and Fellowship for Christian Athletes.

A.J. Bush focuses her time to becoming a well–rounded person and helping others do the same. While she has a full schedule, A.J. says she is just doing what she loves.

A.J. says "I like to say that I have just as much free time as any one else and I just chose to use it by being active because that's what I like to do."

A.J. says she loves helping people and spreading the word of God.
She plans to become a pastor and she will also continue playing music through her life and in the church.

While A.J. has been applying to several colleges, she isn't sure where she will end up yet, but she plans to major in Sociology and minor in Music.