Accused Attempted Murder Suspect in Court

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Andrew Young is facing three counts of attempted first degree murder of a peace officer among several other charges.

In court this afternoon, Young was told about the thirty six charges he's facing. He appeared in front of the judge via closed circuit television with visible bandages on both arms from what appeared to be the gun shot wounds he sustained on Monday.

Young tried to defend himself by saying that he was set up but knows he can't prove it. He went on to say that he can't comprehend much of what's going on right now because of all the medication he's on since being shot. However, the judge quickly cautioned him, saying anything he says can and will be held against him in the court of law, but Young continued on. He said that although there were guns in the vehicle, he never intended to use them.

When the judge told Young of his eight hundred thousand dollar bond, he asked for a public defender and said he couldn't pay it.

11 News obtained a copy of the Affidavit and has learned more details surrounding Monday's shooting atop Glade Park. According to the arrest warrant, after Young slammed into a road block of government vehicles on D-S road, he pointed a black semi–automatic handgun out of his wrecked car window three times.

One officer says the gun was pointed at him, while others surrounded the car and he was fearful that Young would shoot. An investigator says he saw a flash come from Young's gun and heard a shot fired. That's what prompted several officers to return fire.

Despite initial reports from the Sheriff's Office, all of the officers involved in this case are on administrative leave. This is standard procedure for officer involved shootings.