Special Report Part 2: Meth Treatment

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Methamphetamine is considered one of the most addictive drugs out there. It can make users push their health, career, and even family to the side.

That is why Mesa County Justice Services saw the need for an intensive rehabilitation program. So far the program has been successful in getting thee clients over their addiction.

Doug Frye, Brian Bretton, and Dolli Rupert were all heavy meth users in the past, and none of them thought the drug would be so addicting.

All three say if it wasn't for getting caught with drugs by the authorities, they probably wouldn't be on the road to recovery.
They also attribute the new intensive therapy to their recovery.

And so far, all three have been clean during their time in rehab. But there are of course daily challenges that they still face. Ultimately, ones recovery comes down to making a choice. And for advice, all three say never to touch the drug.

After going through the rehab program, Doug, Brian and Dolli are now ready for a brighter life and a clean future that includes education, career, and family plans. They all still plan on continuing their recovery by staying in touch with their treatment counselors.