Alternative Christmas Fair

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The Holidays are quickly approaching, which means 'tis the season to give. But hundreds of Grand Valley residents have decided to go about their Holiday shopping a little differently this year.

There were no clothes, toys or games, yet people were walking the aisles.. browsing and shopping. So what were they buying? Everything from a project to help condors avoid extinction in Ecuador to buying a goat for a village in Africa. And although this isn't your usual gift or purchase, organizers at the alternative Christmas fair say that's just the purpose.

Tom Acker of Grand Valley Peace and Justice says the purpose of the fair is, "to invest in peace and humanity into the Christmas season to take away from the materialistic and to re– focus on the true meaning of Christmas."

Shoppers at the fair get a sheet of paper explaining different projects and causes around the nation that need support and funding. They chose the ones they would like to support and then they get a card given in the leau of a gift and it helps people understand that Christmas is more than getting socks and ties.

Many people agree that giving the gift of a helpful hand is a lot more beneficial and is valued highly by its receiver. With 50 projects to chose from, there is sure to be a cause for everyone. And volunteers say that while the cost to help out is small, the impact huge.

Just $11will provide milk and wafers for a child for an entire month. Shoppers say that spending their money to help those less fortunate, is the perfect way to celebrate the holidays, and pass on the giving spirit to others.