Bathroom Break Leads To Police Standoff

A man asks to use the telephone and bathroom of an Orchard Mesa resident today, then refuses to leave the house. More than two hours later the police talk the man from the home.

The operation began at about 10:30 Tuesday morning when emergency dispatch received a call from a distraught man who claimed people in two cars threatened him as he was walking on Unaweep Avenue.

He made the call from an Orchard Mesa home after the owner let him in.
He then asked if he could use the bathroom. After several minutes they asked him to leave and when he refused, the home owner called police.

Eventually a quarter–mile of Unaweep Avenue was closed to the public. After more than an hour three tear gas canisters were fired into the bathroom window, and minutes later three more were fired into the room.

Officers in the house were talking to the man through much of the standoff, and by telling the man they were there to help he eventually surrendered.

He was treated at the scene for the effects of the tear gas and was transported to a mental health facility for evaluation. Charges in the standoff have yet to be determined.