Thanksgiving Dinner Creates Sense Of Togetherness

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Can you image cooking up Thanksgiving dinner for over one thousand people? Well, volunteers with the Salvation Army did just that.

There was turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and all the fixings-
but most importantly there were hundreds of thankful appetites.

"I am thankful to these people. If it wasn't for these people a lot of us that live on the streets would probably starve on Thanksgiving," says diner, Shanna Smith.

To make sure this didn't happen, the Salvation Army and the Elks Lodge teamed up to cook up a home–style Thanksgiving dinner for all to enjoy.

"This isn't just for the homeless, but for those that are lonely or need a place to go, explains Alfred Parker, Salvation Army Major. "Some have families but they are just low on money, so we serve everybody that comes through here."

Although the hundreds that come through here may not know each other, they say once they come in they feel like on big family.

Major Parker says, "It's me and my wife and eight hundred of our closest friends sharing a meal."

There is more than a great meal, as music, dancing, singing, and a lot of stories are shared among the diners and volunteers.

Diner Sam Pittman says, "I came to Grand Junction and when I got here I was in a shelter. Within a month, with a ton of help from others, I got a place to live, and I got a great job right away."

Regardless of where each person came from, all agree that sharing the day together is the way to go. "It beats sittin' at home eating a frozen turkey, TV dinner," laughs William Fancher.

The Salvation Army planned to serve over one thousand meals today during the two hour dinner.